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Sell tickets online

The time getting your tickets only at local supermarkets and ticket offices have passed, your customers can now buy your tickets online in USD and EURO.

After buying the customer receive the ticket by e-mail or download.

Printed or shown on their mobile device the tickets are being scanned and registered at the entrance.

Marketing Tools

We will help you sell your tickets thru our own channels or sell on your own website and facebook page using our iframe. 

Ideal for marketing purposes; view sold tickets, ages, gender etc

Monitor your selling progress and adjust descriptions, prices and tickets accordingly.

All payment options

Your customers can now buy your tickets online in USD and EURO

We offer all commonly used payment options:

Sofort etc.


Scanning small-volumes is done with our own scanning-app for Android. The app verifies the tickets by scanning it right off your guests phone or paper ticket.

For high-volume scanning we even have booths, laptops & handheld scanners available.

No event is too big for us.




Why choose Caribbean Ticketshop?

  • Quick payouts, within 5 business days on your local bank account in your local currency.
  • Your money is safely stored on our ESCROW-account
  • No more expensive printing costs
  • Personal account manager
  • Local knowledge
  • Local support
  • Optional we have got a couple of options to further boost your event and ticket sales:
    • Customized styling of your iframe
    • (Premium) Featured item on frontpage
    • Use the advertising space on the E-ticket
    • Sponsored facebook ad specified on your targeted audience
    • Caribbean Ticketshop staff supporting at the event entrance


Did you know there is NO COMMISSION on event-tickets up to 25 guilders and we have special rates for higher volumes?




Available soon:
POS service at local ticket offices

Being in the ticket business, we know in the Caribbean some people are still used to buying their tickets the old fashion way; at the ticket office. As an organizer, this means the hassle of printing tickets, passing by all the local ticket offices dropping them off, evaluate ticket sales and receive your funds.

As an extra service, we can accomidate this for you! We developed a line of POS terminals with our own, dedicated ticket software so you are able to sell your tickets offline as well. Tickets are printed on the spot, your money is safe on our ESKROW account and you get informed about the ticket sales daily by e-mail!

Estimated availability is December 2017. For more info please contact us;




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